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       Title: Eight-Layer Casserole
  Categories: crockpot, beef, casseroles
       Yield: 4 servings
     1/2 lb lean ground beef
       2 tb imitation bacon bits
       1 sm onion; chopped
       1    tomato sauce
     1/2 c  water
     1/2 ts chili powder
     1/4 ts salt
     1/4 ts ground black pepper
     2/3 c  long-grain rice
       1    whole-kernel corn; drained
     1/2 c  chopped bell pepper
   Crumble ground beef evenly over bottom of a 3 1/2-quart slow cooker.
   le with bacon bits, then onion. In a medium bowl, combine tomato sauce,
   er, chili power, salt, and black pepper; pour half over beef and onion
   rs. Sprinkle rice evenly over top, then corn. Top with remaining tomato
   ce mixture, then bell pepper. Cover and cook on LOW about 5 hours or until
   rice is tender.
   Per serving: Cal 365 - Carb 47 gm - Total fat 13 gm Sat fat 5 gm - Cal
   fat 117 - Chol 42 mg - Sodium 1071 mg
   busted by sooz