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       Title: Blue Cheese, Hazelnut and Herb Terrine
  Categories: Vegetarian, Vegetables, Cheese/eggs, Casseroles
       Yield: 2 servings
            Radicchio leaves                    1 ts Gelozone
  58 1/3 g  Creamy blue cheese             16 2/3 g  Toasted ground hazelnuts
  91 2/3 g  Greek strained yogurt             2/3    Hard boiled eggs
     1/3 tb Mayonnaise                          2 tb Fresh mixed herbs
 ---------------------------SUGGESTIONS FOR HERBS---------------------------
            Parsley                          3/16 ts Paprika
            Coriander                                Seasoning
   1 Trim the stalks from the radicchio and use the leaves to line a 110g
     (for two servings) loaf tin.
   2 Mash the blue cheese with the yogurt and mayonnaise and warm gently.
     In a separate pan, whisk the Gelozone into two tablespoons of water
     and bring almost to the boil.
   3 Fold into the cheese mixture. Add the nuts, eggs, herbs, paprika and
     seasoning. Mix well and transfer to the loaf tin.
   4 Fold over the radicchio leaves and chill until set. Carefully turn
     out of the tin, slice and serve.