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       Title: Waldine’s Crawfish Corn Maquechoux
  Categories: Vegetables, Casseroles, Crawfish
       Yield: 1 servings
            -Waldine Van Geffen-VGHC42A
       4 cn Whole kernel corn; 12oz ea
      12    Fresh ears of corn; cut off
            -the cob
     1/4 lb Butter
     1/2    Green pepper; dice
     1/2    Red pepper; dice
       1 md Onion; dice
       1 lg Fresh tomato; dice
       1 lb Cooked crawfish tails
            Salt and pepper
   Melt butter. Add veggies and cook, covered, until
   onions are translucent and corn is beginning to be
   tender (if using fresh corn). Add crawfish for last 10
   minutes of cooking and continue cooking until corn is
   tender. Freeze if desired. (wrv)