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       Title: Corn Tamale Casserole
  Categories: cheese/eggs, main dish
       Yield: 1 serving
       4 oz      whole green chilis
       3 c       frozen whole kernel corn
     1/3 c       yellow cornmeal
       2 tb      butter; melted
       2 ts      sugar
     1/2 ts      salt
       1 c       shredded cheddar cheese
       1 lb can  stewed tomatoes
     1/2 ts dried oregano
   Heat oven to 375.
   Butter a 1 quart baking dish, set aside.
   Rinse chilis and cut into thin strips.
   Combine corn, cornmeal, butter, sugar and salt in a blender or food
   Process until corn is fine.
   Put half of the mixture into the baking dish.
   Top evenly with all the chili strips.
   Cover with cheese.
   Top w/ remaining corn mixture.
   Cover w/ foil, bake 1 hour.
   Heat stewed tomatoes and oregano in a small saucepan.
   Serve as a sauce w/ the casserole.
   Serves 4.
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   NOTES : Tried this the other day, loved it, and had to share!
   You can layer in cooked , shredded, chicken, beef, or even pork, to make a
   full meal.
   Contributor:  DReamer701
   Preparation Time:  0:00