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  Categories: Casseroles, Chicken, Pork
       Yield: 6 servings
    1.25 c  Rice; cooked
    1.00 ea Onion, small; chopped
    1.00 ea Green/Red Bell Pepper;Choppd
    1.00 x  Butter;Enough to saute veg’s
    3.00 c  Chicken; cooked and cut up
    1.00 ea Ham, thick slice; cubed
    1.00 cn Condensed Cheddar Soup
    0.25 c  Milk
   Prepare rice according to directions or your desire.
    Set aside. Cut up the chicken into small chunks and cook through,
   either on the stove top or the microwave.  You can either cook it and
   then cut it up, or cut it up and then cook it. Chop onion and peppers
   into small pieces.  Saute onion and pepper in the butter for about 4
   minutes or until tender. Cut up the ham slice into small cube-like
    (Although, any kind of ham, sliced, diced, cubed, would do). Stir in
   the cooked chicken, cubed ham, soup (straight from the can), and the
   milk. Heat until chicken is hot, stirring frequently. Stir the rice
   into the mixture and cook another few minutes until everything is
   hot. Be sure to mix in rice thoroughly. Will keep well if you prepare
   ahead and reheat before serving.  Just be sure to heat it and mix it
   again well before serving. Freezes well also if you want to make an
   extra batch.
      Eileen Shaughnessy, Prodigy Food & Wine Board