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       Title: Chicken and rice casserole
  Categories: Poultry, casserole
       Yield: 1 casserole
       1 c  cooked rice
       2 c  chicken, cooked, chopped fine
     1/2 ts salt   (or to taste)
     1/4 ts celery salt
     1/8 ts pepper (or to taste)
       1 sm chopped onion
       2 tb cracker crumbs
       1 lg egg, beaten
       2 c  hot water or stock
   In a mixing bowl, combine chicken, seasonings, egg,
   cracker crumbs, and stock or hot water.
   line the bottom and sides of a greased mold or casserole
   1/2 inch thick with rice, pack in the meat mixture, layer on
   the onion over top and cover closely with the rest of the rice.
   Cover with wax paper, lid, or aluminum foil and place in oven
   at 350 for approximately 45 minutes.  Can be turned out onto a
   hot platter or served in the casserole.  For variety, try covering
   with canned tomato sauce before serving.
   Adapted from _The New Settlement Cook Book_ of 1954.