------------- Recipe Extracted from Meal-Master (tm) v6.14 ------------------
      Title: Fruited Beef Curry Casserole
 Categories: Beef Meats Fruits   
   Servings:  8
       2 lb Lean Ground Beef                    1 ea Lg. Onion, Chopped  
       1 ea Med. Green Pepper, Chopped          2 T  Cooking Oil  
       1 ea Slice Whole Wheat Bread             1 c  Milk  
       2 ea Large Eggs                          1 ea Lg. Apple, Chopped  
       1 c  Chopped Dried Apricots              2 T  Curry Powder  
       1 t  Salt                              1/2 t  Pepper  
       1 x  Curry Condiments              
   Cook onion and green pepper in oil in large frying-pan until onion is
   transparent.  Add ground beef and brown lightly.  Pour off drippings.
   Soak bread in milk.  Add eggs, apple, apricots, curry powder, salt and
   pepper to beef.  Add bread and milk.  Mix well.  Place in 2-qt oven-proof
   casserole; bake in a moderate oven (350 degrees F.) for 45 minutes.  Serve
   with curry condiments such as chutney, raisins, shredded coconut and
   sunflower seeds.