------------- Recipe Extracted from Meal-Master (tm) v6.14 ------------------
      Title: Oysters and Artichoke Casserole
 Categories: Fish Main dish Londontowne   
   Servings: 10
 	    2 pk Frozen artichoke hearts	   1/2 lb Mushrooms, sauteed in
       1 qt Large oysters                     1/4 lb Butter 
       1 ea Bunch green onions, minced        1/2 c  Fresh parsley, minced 
     1/2 c  Browned flour                       1 x  Dry white wine 
 	    2 T  Lemon juice			     1 ea Thinly sliced unpeeled
       1 ea Pinch thyme, salt, pepper           1 x  Paprika, cayenne pepper 
   Cook artichoke hearts as directed on package. Place in a flat, buttered
   casserole. Cover with sauteed mushrooms. Cook oysters in their liquid
   until edges begin to curl. Drain thoroughly in collander, reserving
   liquid. Melt butter and sautee onion until tender; add parsley and cook a
   minute. Add flour, stirring until smooth. Add enough white wine to oyster
   liquid to make 1 1/2 cups. Add seasonings and stir constantly until thick.
   Add oysters and spoon mixture over artichokes and mushrooms. Arrange lemon
   slices over top; add a dash or two of paprika  and bake at 350 degrees
   about 10 minutes or until bubbling.
   Mrs. Maynard C. Nicholl