5 or 6 large leeks
 2 lbs firm tomatoes
 ff grated cheese (amount optional according to taste)
 bread crumbs
 red wine vinegar
 marjoram, thyme, sage, pepper, rosemary
 Slice leeks and tomatoes.  Layer in casserole dish (leeks on the bottom so
 the juice from the tomatoes helps cook them :).  Sprinkle with red wine
 vinegar.  Add cheese. Add layer of bread crumbs.  Spice according to taste.
 (Repeat layer if desired).  Cook at 375 until bread crumbs are golden.
 The amounts of ingredients in this one can be varied.  Some ppl prefer more
 tomatoes, while I am allergic to them so tend to skimp there :)  The lack of
 cooking time is due to the origination of the recipe.  I learned it in
 Holland and the oven temps there are far different from here.  We usually
 made it in some old nearly broken down toaster oven so the time varied with
 each attempt :)  I have found many non vegan friends love this recipe.