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       Yield: 1 servings
    3.00    Eggs                             1.00    Onion
    1.00    Green or red chilli                      -sprig curry leaves
    0.50 ts Salt                             0.50 ts Black pepper
    2.00 ts Cornflour                       25.00 ml Oil
   Beat  the  eggs.  Chop  the  onion,  chilli  and  curry leaves. Mix the
   onion, chilli, curry leaves, salt, pep- per and cornflour into the eggs.
   Heat  the  oil  and when hot pour in half the omelette mixture. Cook for a
   couple of minutes, carefully turn over and cook the other side. Make
   another omelette with the re- maining mixture. From “A taste of Sri Lanka”
   by Indra Jayasekera, ISBN #962 224 010 0