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       Title: Filet of Filly
  Categories: Main dish, Meats, Horse
       Yield: 4 Servings
       4    1/4 lb filets of horse
       4    Slices bacon
            Salt and pepper to taste
   Prepare exactly as for a filet mignon.  Wrap outside of filet with
   uncooked bacon slice and secure with toothpicks.  Broil to taste.
   Horse shares no parasites with man, in contrast to pork and beef. The
   meat is fine grained, tender and lacks fat.  The flavor is superb. If
   one is not told, it would be indistinguishable from beef.
   Note:  As a student at the University of Arizona, I bought whole horse
   filets for a very reasonable price.  It was US Grade A inspected at
   that. In this country there seems to be an aversion to horseflesh.
   Not so elsewhere.  In my resident state, it is illegal to sell
   horsemeat for human consumption.  Silly rules.
                                           John Hartman
                                           Indianapolis, IN