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                              BILL'S POT ROAST
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 Serving Size  : 2    Preparation Time :0:00
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    3       lb           Flank or rump roast
                         -(4 lbs if has a bone)
                         Worcestershire sauce
                         Olive oil
                         Salt and pepper
                         Onion and garlic salt
                         Margarine (or butter)
    1       cn           Beef broth (or consomme)
    1       cn           Onion soup
                         Rosemary, to taste
                         Sage, to taste
                         Parsley, to taste
                         Oregano, to taste
    2                    Cloves, whole
      1/2   c            Burgundy
    6                    Carrots, sliced
    3                    Potatoes, sliced
    4                    Onions, sliced
                         -(or whole golf size)
   In large Dutch oven, heat woo sauce, olive oil, salts
   and pepper.  Add some margarine.  When oil is hot,
   sear roast quickly on all sides.  Add beef broth and
   onion soup, plus seasonings to taste.
   Reduce heat to medium, a brisk simmer.  (NOT a rolling
   boil!)  Add wine and cook *covered* 2 hours, or till
   starts to be tender.
   Peel and cut up vegetables, all about the same size
   slices.  Add to roast. When potatoes are fork tender,
   remove cloves and serve.
   If fluid ever gets lower than half that you started
   with, add water.
   To reheat:  Prepare fresh vegetables.  Cover pot and
   bring to simmer. When warm, take meat out, put in
   vegetables (with meat on top so it’s just steamed);
   cook 45 minutes.  Might want to add soup instead of
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