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       Title: Roasted Beef with Horseradish Cream
  Categories: Beef
       Yield: 7 servings
 ---------------------------LISA HLAVATY  FDGN81A---------------------------
     1/4 c  Vegetable oil                       1 tb Prepared horseradish
       2 tb Cider vinegar                       1 ts Garlic;minced
       1 ts Salt                              1/4 c  Chopped fresh parsley
       1 ts Pepper                          3 1/2 lb Beef chuck roast
 -----------------------------HORSERADISH CREAM-----------------------------
     1/2 c  Dairy sour cream                    1 tb Prepared horseradish
     1/2 c  Mayonnaise                          1 ts Lemon juice
     1/4 ts Salt                                1 ts Dijon mustard
     1/4 ts Pepper                            1/4 c  Fresh parsley
   In dutch oven stir together all marinade ingredients except parsley and
   roast; stir in parsley. Place roast in marinade; turn to coat all sides
   with marinade. Cover; refrigerate overnight. Heat oven to 350. Bake roast
   in marinade for 1 1/2 to 2 hours or unti roast is fork tender. Meanwhile,
   in small bowl stir together all horseradish cream ingredients except
   parsley. Stir in parsley. Cover, refrigerate unti ready to serve. serve
   over carved roast. Source: Land O Lakes