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                              BOILED HAMBURGER
 Recipe By     : OAMC List
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :1:00
 Categories    : Beef--Ground
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
    4      pounds        lean ground beef
    2      tablespoons   chopped fresh garlic -- optional
    1      tablespoon    onion powder -- optional
 In a large pot - large enough to take four pounds of hamburger, and water
 add hamburger and crumble with hands slightly. Add water until a “soup-like”
 consistency. Add spices if desired.
 Continue to crumble hamburger until it is soft with no lumps.
 Cook to boiling, stirring occasionally. When all hamburger is brown, it’s
 To Remove Fat:
 Using a ladle and fat-separating measuring cup, ladle off fat and pour into
 cup. When the fat has risen to the top, open “gate” on measuring cup and
 pour broth back into the pot. Pour the remaining fat into an empty coffee
 can to discard.
 Alternate method:
 Let hamburger cool. Place in refrigerator overnight.
 “Peel” fat off the top and discard.
 After the fat has been removed, drain. If desired, can be rinsed to remove
 more fat.
 I have done this myself, when I make
 Taco Salad and it is a great way to get
 rid of the fat--however I have cats and
 I give them the drained water with the
 fat, rather than throw it away.
 Cats do not have a problem with cholestrol, and since they have dry skin
 this is a freebee, which makes me very
 popular <g>
 There is no water amount listed, but when I did one pound I added just
 enough water to barely cover.  And it worked just fine.
 To freeze:
 Using four bowls of the same size, divide hamburger equally.
 Once completely cooled transfer one bowl into a freezer bag. Press out air
 and seal. Freeze.
 OPTIONAL: Add any spices desired - Garlic and onion powder work well.
 It sounds gross doesn't it? But it saves a whole lot of prep time when
 creating things that need browned hamburger- like casseroles, chili, etc.
 Works great. No fatty splatter over everything and a lot of hamburger can be
 processed at once.
 It probably removes some vitamins, but the fat content is lower, especially
 if it’s rinsed after it has been drained.
 Mary Hagen
 MC Recipes #1459
 Repost by Goldi
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