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       Title: Swiss Steak
  Categories: Microwave, Beef
    Servings:  6
   2 1/4 lb Round steak
     1/4 c  Plain flour
       1 ts Salt
     1/4 ts Pepper
       1 c  Thinly sliced celery
       1 md Onion, thinly sliced and
            -seperated into rings
       1 md Green pepper, thinly sliced
       1 cn (340 gms) condensed tomato
     2/3 c  Water
       1 tb Worcestershire sauce
   1. Trim round steak; pound well. Cut into 6-8 pieces. Mix flour salt &
   pepper. Coat beef with flour mixture. Place meat and any remaining flour
   mixture into a rectangular baking dish 30x20 cm or a 25 cm square
   2. Combine celery, onion and green pepper in a small bowl. Microwave on
   HIGH (100%) until vegitables are tender, 3 to 5 minutes. Mix with remaining
   ingredients and pour over beef.
   3. Microwave, covered on HIGH (100%) for 5 minutes. Reduce power to MEDIUM
   (50%), microwave until beef is tender, 40 to 50 minutes, rearranging pieces
   after half the cooking time.