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       Title: Country Beef Loaf
  Categories: Ground beef, Beef
       Yield: 8 servings
       2 tb Butter or margarine               1/2 lb Mushrooms, trimmed & sliced
       1 x  Onion, diced (1 cup)                1 c  Thinly sliced celery
       1 c  Shredded pared carrots              2 tb Water
       2 lb Ground beef                       1/2 c  Sifted all-purpose flour
       2 ts Salt                                1 ts Seasoned salt
       1 ts Fines herbes                        2 tb Soy sauce
   Combine butter or margarine, mushrooms, onion, celery, carrots, and water
   in a medium-size frying pan. Heat to boiling, cover and cook 10 minutes or
   until vegetables are crispy tender. Combine ground beef, flour, salt,
   seasoned salt, fines herbes, soy sauce, and cooked vegetable mixture in a
   large bowl. Mix lightly, until well-blended. Shape into a rectangular loaf,
   8 X 6, in a greased jelly-roll pan. Bake in moderate over (350 degrees) for
   1 hour, or until crusty-brown. Sprinkle with chopped parsley before
   serving, if you wish.