4 8oz Ribeyes ( not to fatty)
 Brown Sugar
 2 Toes of garlic
 Black Pepper
 Salt ( about 1/2 t)
 First get out all your aggressions on the meat.Then pack the steaks with
 brown sugar about 1/4 inch
 thick on both sides. place in a deep dish. Chop your garlic and sprinkel
 evenly on top of the steaks. Add salt & pepper. Fill the dish up with
 bourbon. Let the steaks mariniate for at least 3-4 hours, it is even better
 if you let them sit over night in the refridgerator. DON'T FORGET to taste
 the bourbon between  each step :-) .. 
 When you get ready to cook them I recommend that you bar-b-q them with some
 hickery chips added to your charcoals, or broil them in the oven. YUM YUM
 then go to town :-) .......