------------- Recipe Extracted from Meal-Master (tm) v6.14 ------------------
      Title: Marinated Beef Province Style
 Categories: Beef Marinade Main dish Entertain
   Servings:  6
     1/4 lb bacon                               2 lb round steak
       2 ea cloves garlic                       2 T  chopped parsley
       1 pn ground cloves                       1 pn allspice
       3 T  red wine vinegar                2 1/2 c  red wine
       6 ea medium onions                       6 ea medium carrots
       1 x  salt & pepper to taste              3 T  oil
       2 T  brandy                              1 pn thyme
       1 ea sprigs parsley                      1 pn rosemary
       1 ea small orange
   Cut meat into 2 inch cubes.  Dice the bacon.  Skin and crush the garlic,
   using the tip of a firm knife, in a pinch of salt on the chopping board,
   or  use a garlic press;   blend with the chopped  parsley,  cloves,  and
   Put  the meat into a dish,  and add the wine vinegar,  wine,  and garlic
   spice  mixture.   Peel  and  thinly slice one third of  the  onions  and
   carrots,  add to the marinade with a little salt and pepper.   Leave for
   at least 12 hours turning occasionally.
   Peel the remaining onions and carrots,  quarter the onions but leave the
   carrots  whole.   Heat the oil in a large heavy skillet,  fry the  diced
   bacon  and  quartered  onions  until golden  brown,  and  spoon  into  a
   Remove  the meat from the marinade,  drain well.   Brown meat in the oil
   remaining  in the pan and add to the onions.   Pour the marinade  liquid
   and vegetables into the skillet and stir well to absorb the last of  the
   oil.  Add the whole carrots, brandy, and herbs.
   Cut  the zest from the orange and squeeze a little orange juice and  add
   this and the zest to the sauce.  Season the sauce with a little salt and
   pepper.  Pour over the meat and onions, cover the casserole.
   Cook  in  the  center of a slow (350 d F) for 2 1/4  hours.   To  serve,
   remove  the  garni.   This dish is particularly good  when  served  with
   spaghetti, macaroni, or noodles, topped with butter, grated cheese and a
   little chopped parsley.