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       Title: Caribou Empanadas
  Categories: Game, Meat, Jw, Chilean
       Yield: 1 Batch
       1 lb Ground caribou
     1/4 c  Butter
       2 lg Onions; chopped
     1/2 c  Chopped olives
     1/2 c  Chopped celery
     1/4 c  Raisins
       2    Jalapeno peppers; chopped
            Salt and pepper to taste
       2 tb Vinegar
       1 sm Can tomato sauce
       1 tb Worcestershire sauce
       1    Recipe pie crust pastry
   In a large skillet, melt butter, and brown meat. Add other
   ingredients and simmer about 20 min. Remove from the stove and chill.
   Make your favorite pie pastry, cut in circles about the size of a cup.
   Place the meat mixture in center and fold over, pricking with fork.
   Place on greased cookie sheet and bake in 350 oven, 20 to 25 minutes.
   From: Jim Weller