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       Title: Rabbit Hoggan
  Categories: Game, Pies, Cornish
       Yield: 1 Hoggan
       1 lb Plain flour
       6 oz Lard
       1 dr Lemon juice
       1 lb Rabbit meat, chopped into
            -small pieces
            -The rabbit must be young
            -and fresh
       6 sm Potatoes
       2    Carrots
       2 sm Turnips
       2    Onions
            Little amount of stock
   Make the pastry and roll out to a round.  Cut up the meat and
   vegetables into small cubes.  Place the vegetables and meat in the
   middle of the pastry round.  Season and just put a little stock over.
   Seal the pastry and stand it on its base on a baking tray.  Crimp the
   edges and brush with milk.  Bake for about 1-1 1/2 hours in a
   moderate oven, or as the contents are uncooked, maybe a little
   longer.  This amount makes one huge hoggan or 6 smaller ones.
                                   SMITH-TWIDDY, Helen
                                   Celtic Cookbook
                                   Y Lolfa Cyf.
                                   Talybont, Wales, 1979
                                   ISBN: 0 904864 50 2
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