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       Title: CURRIED DEER
  Categories: Meats
       Yield: 6 servings
       1 kg (to 1 1/2 kg) lean deer meat
       1 lg Onion chopped
       3    Cloves garlic, crushed
       3 ts Mild curry powder (Sherwood)
       6 oz Can tomatoe paste
       2    Bay leaves
     1/4 ts Cloves (powder)
       2 c  Beefstock *
       4    Diced carrots
     1/2 c  Raisins OR
       1 c  Grapes
       1    Diced apple
       1 ts Lemon juice
            Salt and pepper to taste
   Cut meat into 2 to 3 centimeter cubes.  Lightly brown meat, onion and
   garlic in large, oiled skillet.  Add curry powder and tomato paste.
   Mix well.  Add beef stock and mix in rest of ingredients.  Simmer for
   1 1/2 hrs, covered.
   Almost any part of the deer may be used.  Be sure to trim off all the
   fat and sincew.  To keep calories down, use a light vegetable oil for
   browning the meat.
   *Beefstock can be made with one cube or package bouillon.