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                            Greek Style Moussaka
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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Lamb                             Vegetables
                 Main dish
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       3 md Eggplants
     1/2 c  Vegetable oil
       3 lg Onions; chopped fine
       2 lb Ground lamb; (or beef)
       3 tb Tomato paste
     1/2 c  Red wine
     1/2 c  Chopped parsley
     1/4 ts Ground cinnamon
            Freshly ground pepper
     1/4 lb Butter
       6 tb Flour
       1 qt Milk
       4    Eggs; beaten until frothy
            Grated nutmeg
       2 c  Ricotta or cottage cheese
       1 c  Fine bread crumbs
       1 c  Grated Parmesan cheese
   Peel the eggplants and cut them into slices about 1/2 inch thick. Brown the
   slices quickly in 1/4 cup of the oil. Set aside. Heat the remaining oil in
   the same skillet and cook the onions until they are brown. Add the ground
   meat and cook 10 minutes. Pour off excess fat. Combine the tomato paste
   with the wine, parsley, cinnamon, salt and peper. Stir this mixture into
   the meat and simmer over low heat, stirring frequently, until all the
   liquid has been absorbed. Remove the mixture from the fire. Preheat the
   oven to 375F. Make a white sauce by melting the butter and blending in the
   flour, stirring with a wire whisk. Meanwhile, bring the milk to a boil and
   add it gradually to the butter-flour mixture, stirring constantly. When the
   mixture is thickened and smooth, remove it from the heat. Cook slightly and
   stir in the beaten eggs, nutmeg and ricotta. Grease an 11x16-inch pan and
   sprinkle the bottom lightly with crumbs. Arrange alternate layers of the
   eggplant and the meat sauce in the pan, sprinkling each layer with Parmesan
   and crumbs. Pour the ricotta sauce over the top and bake 1 hour, or until
   top is golden. Remove from the oven and cool 20 to 30 minutes before
   serving. Cut into squares and serve. The flavors in this dish really
   improve if you make it a day ahead.
   FROM: RITA TAULE, Prodigy ID# BTVC62A. Prepared in advance, Moussaka can be
   served lukewarm or at room temperature.
   Format for MM Judy Garnett.
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