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       Title: Lamb with Cashew-Nut Curry (Korma)
  Categories: Ethnic, Lamb
       Yield: 4 servings
     1/4 c  unsalted cashews                  1/2 ts saffron threads
       3 ea dried hot red chilies               6 tb ghee (or melted butter)
       2 ea in piece of stick cinnamon          1 c  chopped onion
       1 ea 1 in cube fresh ginger              2 ts salt
     1/4 ts cardamom seeds                    1/2 c  unflavored yoghurt
       3 ea whole cloves                    1 1/2 lb lamb cut into 2 cubes
       2 ea large garlic cloves peeled          2 tb finely chopped coriander
       2 tb poppy seed (white)                  1 tb lemon juice
       1 tb coriander seeds                   1/4 c  boiling water
       1 ts cumin seeds                         1 c  cold water
   To make the masala,  combine the cashews,  chilies, ginger and the  cold
   water  and  blend  at  high speed for  1  minutes.   Add  the  cinnamon,
   cardamom, cloves, garlic, poppy seeds, coriander seeds and cumin.  Blend
   again until the mixture is completely pulverized.  Set the masala aside.
   Place  the saffron in a small bowl,  pour in boiling water and let  soak
   for at least 10 minutes.
   In  a  heavy skillet heat the ghee over moderate heat until  a  drop  of
   water flicked into it sputters instantly.   Add the onions and, stirring
   constantly,  fry for 7 or 8 minutes,  until soft and golden brown.  Stir
   in   the  salt  and  the  masala,   then  add  the  yoghurt.    Stirring
   occasionally,  cook over moderate heat until the ghee lightly films  the
   Add  the lamb,  turning it about with a spoon to coat the pieces evenly.
   Squeeze the saffron between your fingers,  thin stir it and its  soaking
   liquid  into the skillet.   Reduce the heat to low,  cover tightly,  and
   cook  for  20 minutes,  turning the lamb cubes over from time  to  time.
   Scatter  1/2 of the fresh coriander over the lamb and continue  cooking,
   tightly covered for 10 minutes more, or until the lamb is tender.
   To  serve,  transfer  the  entire contents of the skillet  to  a  heated
   platter,  and  sprinkle the top with lemon juice and the remaining fresh