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  1. Rack of Lamb with Herb Sauce
  2. Rack of Lamb with Herbed Mustard
  3. Rack of Lamb with Mustard Crust and Pesto
  4. Risotto With Lamb And Fennel
  5. Roast Herbed Lamb
  6. Roast Lamb with Potato, Onion and Pepper Gratin
  7. Roast Lamb With Potatoes (Arni Psito Me Patates)
  8. Roast Leg of Lamb
  9. Roast Leg Of Lamb With Pomegranate
  10. Roast Leg Of Lamb With Rhubarb Mint Chutney
  11. Roast Rack Of Lamb
  12. Roast Rack of Lamb with Parsleyed Crumbs
  13. Roast Stuffed Shoulder Of Lamb
  14. Roasted Lemon/Rosemary Leg Of Lamb
  15. Rosemary Leg Of Lamb With Roasted Compote
  16. Rubbed Butterflied Leg Of Lamb W/Garlic,rosemary&Thyme (Gc)
  17. Sauteed Minted Lamb
  18. Savory Lamb Kabobs
  19. Savory Lamb Stir-Fry
  20. Shashlik
  21. Simple Souvlaki
  22. Skewered Lamb Tenderloin
  23. Skewered Lamb Tenderloin (Gc)
  24. Skewered Lamb with Sweet Pepper Dipping Sauce
  25. Smoked Leg Of Lamb
  26. Smoky Lamb Chops in Red Wine Marinade
  27. Soesaties
  28. Spiced Lamb Triangles
  29. Stewed Lamb Shanks & White Beans
  30. Stoba (Goat/Lamb With Peppers)
  31. Stuffed Grape Leaves
  32. Stuffed Lamb Chops
  33. Stuffed Leg of Lamb
  34. Sweet And Sour Lamb Chops
  35. Tarragon Lamb
  36. Teriyaki Lamb Kabobs
  37. Uzbek Palov
  38. Warm Lamb Salad with mixed Greens
  39. Westphalian Leg Of Lamb
  40. Yemen Fatah
  41. Yiouvetsi

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