Grilled Pork Loin    No. 48                            Yields 6 Servings
  4 1/2 lbs       pork loin roast,                       pepper, coarse
                  center cut                 2 tbls      rosemary, fresh,
                  salt                                   chopped
 This, and all large, dense, pieces of meat, should be cooked using the
 “indirect method.” This consists of arranging the hot coals in racks on
 either side of the grill and placing a heavy foil drip pan on the fire floor
 under the roast.
 Have the butcher bone the loin and tie it back on its rack of bones.
 Rub it with the salt, pepper, and rosemary.
 Wrap it loosely.
 Let rest at room temperature an hour or so.
 It is vital to the cooking time that the meat isn't refrigerator-cold.
 When the coals are pink and covered with white ash, lay the roast on top of
 the oiled grill rack directly over the drip pan.
 Put on the cover, with its vents fully open.
 The lower vents under the coals should also be fully open.
 Roast - do not baste or peek - for about one and a half hours to an internal
 temperature of 150 degrees.
 Let the pork rest on a board for about 10 minutes before carving so that it
 will retain all its juices.