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       Title: Flesh of the Pig Ala Bob Greenberg
  Categories: Pork
       Yield: 4 servings
 ---------------------------------BASIC RIBS---------------------------------
       3 lb Country Ribs or other
       1 c  Cider Vinegar
       2 T  Black Pepper fine ground
       2 T  Garlic Salt
 ----------------------------SAUCE FOR RE-HEATING----------------------------
       1    Open Pit small bottle
       1    Small Bottle A-1 Sauce
     1/4 c  Molasses
       1    Supply of Hickory Chips
   Regular old supermarket pork. Spare ribs, country ribs, or any
   other pork Not too much fat. Cut off any gross excess, and cut
   them to EVEN thickness. You'll ruin everything if you cook the
   meat unevenly. You may compensate by scoring the meat. In a
   large baking pan, soak the ribs with cider vinegar, after which
   sprinkle them with garlic salt and finely ground black pepper.
   (Don't use pepper mills, or other peppers.) It doesn't seem to
   matter how long the ribs soak, or how much vinegar is on them.
   Just make sure it hits all sides, you don't have to puncture
   them. This sweetens the meat. The key to the fire is the
   hickory chips. Keep feeding these amazing little fellows to
   the charcoal. The flavor comes out of these chips and you
   cannot do without them. Make sure the fat and chips don't
   light up your whole dinner and ruin it.
   Cooking: A moderate hot fire a couple of inches or more from
   the meat, and a grill of reasonable cleanness. As the meat
   cooks turn it often, do not let it burn, do not baste it with
   anything. Don't cover the grill and don't stray too far --
   fire is always hiding in the wings. Here is the catch -- the
   trick -- the hard part, is the timing. You may ruin some meals
   before you hit it, but the time to take them off the grill is
   one minute after trichina danger is past. As soon as the meat
   turns brown it’s time to eat. You can use the small strips you
   cut off to judge just when things are perfect.
   Special Purpose Sauce: (don't eat it cold, it’s awful) 1
   bottle Open Pit, One bottle A-1 Sauce, 1/4 C of molasses.
   Start re-heating the sauce until slow boil, dump in the cold
   pork from the fridge. alt. without sauce wrap the meat in foil
   and heat at 325 oven for 15-20 minutes. Sauce can be stored
   and re-used, but remember it will have pork fat in it now.