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       Title:  Mousse of Poultry Liver with Young Ginger
  Categories: Mousses, Poultry, Masterchefs, Frisco, Tmr
       Yield: 8 servings
     1/2 md Onion, chopped                           Basil
       1 lb Chicken livers                      3 lg Eggs
       2 ea Shallots                            7 oz Fat, duck OR
       1 ea Thyme, sprig                        7 oz Fat, lard
       2 ea Garlic, cloves                      1 c  Crumbs, bread
            Parsley                             1 c  Cream, heavy *
 --------------------------------TOMATO SAUCE--------------------------------
       2 tb Oil, olive                          1 c  Water ***
     1/2 md Onion, chopped                           Flour
       3 ea Garlic, cloves, mashed             10 md Tomatoes
            Bouquet Garni **              
            Chives                                   Watercress
            Carrot, grated                           Bay leaf
        * Amount may vary according to the consistency.
        ** Bouquet Garni is a cheesecloth bag with parsley, bay leaf,
   oregano, thyme, and rosemary inside.)
        *** Amount may vary according to the amount of juice in the
        Grind the onion and livers in a food grinder.  Add shallots,
   thyme, garlic, parsley, and basil and process.
        Place the processed mixture into a bowl, add eggs, lard, bread
   crumbs (epice parisienne or cayenne pepper is optional), salt and
   pepper.  Mix well.
        Put the mixture into a processor and blend it until smooth.  Add
   about 1 cup of cream while blending.
        Pour back into a bowl and adjust the seasoning: (Note: mixture
   should be more liquid than thick -- add more cream if needed.)
   Strain through chinois.
        Pour mixture into chilled, well-buttered ramekins.  Put a layer
   of water in a saute pan and place the ramekins on the pan.  Cover the
   ramekins with buttered parchment paper, (butter side down) then bring
   to a boil.
        Place the boiling ramekins in a 450 F oven for 8 minutes.
    Remove parchment and let set for 2 minutes.
   Tomato Sauce:
        Heat the olive oil in a saute pan.  Add onion and garlic and cook
   until transparent.  Add bouquet garni.  Sprinkle onion mixture with
   flour to thicken sauce.
        Add tomatoes immediately and mix well.  Reduce the heat.  Add 1
   cup of water and cook 20 - 30 minutes.  Salt and pepper to taste.
        Remove bouquet garni and put mixture into a food processor and
   blend thoroughly (do not blend too much or color will change).
        Strain through chinois.  You may add 1 tablespoon of butter for
   extra flavor if desired.
        Unmold the mousse onto a serving plate.  Spoon tomato sauce over
   the mousse.  Top with chopped chives, carrots, chervil, and watercress.
   Garnish with bay leaf.
        Source: Great Chefs of San Francisco, Avon Books, 1984
        Chef:   Udo Nechutnys, The Miramonte Restaurant, San Francisco, CA