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       Title: Chicken Breasts Romano- SBKK78A
  Categories: Poultry, Main dish
       Yield: 6 servings
       6 ea Chicken Breasts,Boneless
       1 ea Onion, Medium, Chopped
       2 T  Vinegar
       1 t  Garlic
       1 t  Basil
       2 T  Parsley
       4 T  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
       2 c  Tomato Juice
     1/2 lb Mushrooms, Sliced & sauteed
       2 T  Sugar
       1 t  Oregano
       1 c  Romano cheese, grated
       1 x  Flour
   In 1 t oil, Saute sliced mushrooms and just before done add garlic to
   pan to sizzle. . remove and set aside. Dredge chicken breasts in
   flour, fold edges under to plump breasts and brown with folded edges
   down to seal and keep shape. Brown smooth side and then arrange
   smooth side up. Pour tomato juice over all. sprinke vinegar, sugar,
   and herbs. Spread onion and mushroom/garlic over chickens. Sprinkle
   with 4 T Romano & top with chopped parsley. Cover & simmer 45 mins.
   Remove to serving platter and top with remaining romano. Adapted from
   a submission by Lori Moreau- Yacht Alberta Rose . Ship to Shore