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  Categories: Main dish, Meats
       Yield: 4 Servings
    1.00 x  ----stuffing ingredients----
    2.00 ea Duck
    1.00 c  Chopped celery
    0.67 c  Chopped cooking onion
    1.00 c  Chopped carrots
    1.00 c  Peeled and diced orange
    1.00 ea Salt and pepper to taste
    1.00 x  Black bean sauce ingredients
    1.00 ea ------------------------
    2.00 c  Black beans
    0.50 ea Apple, skinned
    2.00 ea Shallots, diced
    1.00 T  Port
    1.00 t  Cumin
    1.00 t  Crushed chilies
    0.50 t  Fresh lemon juice
    1.00 T  Fresh chopped coriander
    1.00 t  Worcestershire sauce
    1.00 t  Fresh chopped tarragon
    2.00 c  Duck stock
    1.00 t  Butter
    1.00 x  --tamarind jus ingredients--
    1.00 ea ------------------------
    0.50 lb Tamarind
    1.00 c  Duck stock
    1.00 t  Butter
   Mix the stuffing ingredients in the cavity of the two ducks.  Trim
   excess fat and bind the legs at the tail end.  Season with salt and
   pepper and roast in 325 degree F oven for 2 hours Pour off any
   grease. When ducks are golden brown, remove from the oven and cool to
   room temperature. Halve the ducks along the backbone and debone.
   Discard the stuffing and put the bones in 4 cups of water with an
   onion, some carrot and salt and pepper. Simmer for about 2 hours.
   Reserve duck stock. Black bean sauce: Blanch the beans in water until
   soft, then coursely chop. Skin and puree the apple. Sweat the
   shallots in the port until they are translucent. Combine the rest of
   the ingredients with the beans and pureed apple and simmer for about
   15 minutes until the flavours blend. Swirl in the butter. Set aside
   and keep warm. Tamarind Jus: Soak tamarind in water until soft.
   Squeeze seed out, then strain and puree pulp.  Combine puree and duck
   stock and heat through. Swirl in the butter. Place the ducks skin
   side down in roasting pan in a 500 degree F oven for about 10 minutes
   (until skin is crispy) Pour some of the black bean sauce on four
   plates and top with the ducks skin side up. Drizzle some of the
   tamarind jus over the ducks and serve with oriental vegetables.