Recipes in this category:

  1. A Simplified Peking Duck
  2. Aromatic Duck
  3. Basted Duck With Oyster Dressing
  4. Braised Breast Of Duck With Peaches
  5. Braised Breast of Duck/chicken with Peaches
  6. Braised Duck (or Mussels) W. Red Curry
  7. Cherry Flavored Smoked Duck
  8. Chile Dusted Duck With South Of The Border St
  9. Curry Glazed Duck Legs
  10. Duck A L'orange
  11. Duck And Cover
  12. Duck Braised With Olives
  13. Duck Curry- Kaen Of Duck
  14. Duck Gumbo
  15. Duck In Avocado
  16. Duck Liver Terrine
  17. Duck Michael Gelman
  18. Duck Miramonte
  19. Duck Miramonte
  20. Duck over Charcoal
  21. Duck Over Charcoal
  22. Duck Sauce
  23. Duck With Apple Dressing
  24. Duck with Black Bean Sauce and Tamarind Jus
  25. Duck With Black Bean Sauce And Tamarind Jus
  26. Duck with Black Bean Sauce and Tamarind Jus
  27. Duck With Chestnuts
  28. Duck With Honey & Curry
  29. Duck With Pine Nut Wild Rice
  30. Duck With Pine Nut Wild Rice
  31. Duck With Plum Sauce
  32. Duckling L' Vernors
  33. From Roast Duckling: Duck Pilaf
  34. Green Peppercorn Duck
  35. Kowloon Duckling
  36. Mahogany Duck
  37. Mom’s Duckling a la Orange
  38. Mousse of Duck Liver
  39. Peking Duck 1
  40. Peking Duck 2
  41. Pomegranate-Glazed Duckling on Dried-Fruit Couscous
  42. Pressed Duck With Sweet And Sour Plum Sauce
  43. Quick Duck Rellenos Hunter
  44. Roast Duck
  45. Roast Duck Breast with Sage & Onion Puree
  46. Roast Duck Stuffed With Apples And Grapes
  47. Roast Duck with Cranberry Sauce
  48. Roast Duck with Cranberry Sauce
  49. Roast Duckling
  50. Roast Duckling
  51. Roast Duckling a la Orange
  52. Roast Duckling in Wine
  53. Roast Mallard With Root Vegetables- Country
  54. Roasted Duckling W/Apple Sesame Stuffing
  55. Roasted Wild Duckling
  56. Shanghai Duck
  57. Sherried Baked Duck
  58. Stirfry Duck And Asparagus
  59. Stuffed Leg of Duck with Red Wine Sauce
  60. Stuffed Wild Duck
  61. Tea Smoked Duck with Smoked Walnuts
  62. Texas Wild Duck Gumbo From Tony Burke
  63. Western-Style Peking Duck
  64. Wild Duck Gumbo
  65. Wild Duck Gumbo- Part 2