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  1. Apricot Basted Quail
  2. Barbecued Dove
  3. Barbecued Ostrich
  4. Braised Pheasant
  5. Braised Pheasant
  6. Braised Wild Duck Breasts in a Spiced Wine Sauce
  7. Brandied Quail
  8. Breast of pheasant under glass
  9. Caribou Roast In Gin
  10. Country Captain
  11. Creamed Pheasant
  12. Doves Cooked With Wine And Mushrooms
  13. Gefuellte Tauben (Stuffed Pigeons)
  14. Golden Roast Pheasant
  15. Grilled Dove
  16. Grouse & Wild Rice
  17. James Earl Jones' Glazed Ostrich Tenderloin
  18. Lentil Pheasant Soup
  19. Mandarin Pheasant
  20. Minute ostrich steaks
  21. Nero Wolfe’s Roast Quail Veronique
  22. Oven-Braised Pheasant with Sauerkraut
  23. Panfried Quail
  24. Pan-Roasted Squab With Salsify
  25. Partridge Cordon Bleu
  26. Partridge Under Oil With Asparagus Salad
  27. Partridge With Mole Sauce
  28. Pecan Stuffed Smoked Pheasant
  29. Pheasant a la mode de mon
  30. Pheasant a' l'orange - country living holidays
  31. Pheasant amerind
  32. Pheasant and Wild Rice
  33. Pheasant Breast With Cinnamon Marmalade
  34. Pheasant in a bag
  35. Pheasant in almond red sauce
  36. Pheasant in spiced sour cream
  37. Pheasant normandy
  38. Pheasant Pate
  39. Pheasant Roast
  40. Pheasant Stir-Fry
  41. Pheasant with Black Olives
  42. Pheasant With Champagne Cabbage I (Pheasant)
  43. Pheasant With Champagne Cabbage II (Stock)
  44. Pheasant With Champagne Cabbage IV (Sauce)
  45. Pheasant With Champagne Cabbage V (Cabbage)
  46. Pheasant With Champagne Cabbage VI (Assembly)
  47. Pheasant With Champagne III (Stuffing)
  48. Pheasant With Cinnamon & Basil
  49. Pheasant with Ramps and Wild Mushrooms
  50. Pheasant with roasted garlic & lemon

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