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       Title: COLONIAL GOOSE
  Categories: Main dish, British, Lamb
       Yield: 8 servings
       5 lb Lamb leg
 --------------------------------FOR STUFFING--------------------------------
       4 oz Dried apricots
       4 oz Fresh white breadcrumbs
       1 oz Butter
       1 tb Clear honey
       2 oz Onion, chopped
     1/4 ts Dried thyme
     1/4 ts Salt
       1 md Egg, beaten
 --------------------------------FOR MARINADE--------------------------------
     1/2 lb Old carrots, sliced
       6 oz Onions, sliced
       1    Bayleaf
       3    Parsley stalks, crushed
       5 fl Red wine
   24 hours beforehand, make the stuffing. Chop the
   apricot coarsely, mix with breadcrumbs and chopped
   onions.  Melt  the butter, pour over, add honey, salt,
   pepper and thyme. Mix  well  together, then mix in
   beaten egg.
   Make marinade by mixing all the ingredients together.
   Bone or have boned the  lamb.  (Tunnel  bone  for
   stuffing). Stuff the cavity loosely. Sew up the
   opening. Put  lamb  in a polythene bag long enough to
   hold it comfortably. Add bones. Pour over the
   marinade, tie the top with a bag seal, sucking out
   excess air. Stand in a bowl (to catch leaks). Marinade
   overnight, turning from time to time.
   Preheat oven to 350øF (Mk 4). Remove  lamb from
   marinade and dry well. Drain marinade and fry
   vegetables in  roasting  pan very briefly. Place lamb
   on top and roast 25 mins/lb oven ready weight. Baste
   frequently with marinade while cooking. Meanwhile make
   a little lamb stock from bones.
   When done, take out of oven,  Remove  strings  from
   joint and leave to rest 15 mins while making the
   gravy,  then  carve crosswise. For the gravy, remove
   vegetables  from  roasting  tin,   pour  off roasting
   juices, leaving 2 tbs fat in pan. Fry 2 tbs flour in
   this, return aqueous part of roasting juices and
   remaining  marinade.  Add lamb stock if needed. Season
   to taste.