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       Title: Quebec-Style Roast Goose
  Categories: Poultry
       Yield: 6 servings
      10 ea Slices, White Bread                 1 ea Chopped Stalk of Celery
       1 c  Dried Currants                      1 ea Clove, Garlic, minced
       4 ea Apples, Peeled, Sliced              1 ea Bay Leaf
       1 tb Dried Thyme                         3 ea Whole Cloves
       4 tb Melted Butter                       1 ea Sprig, Fresh Thyme
       1 tb Vegetable Oil                       1 ea Sprig, Fresh Marjoram
       1 ea Goose (8 - 10 lbs)                1/4 c  White Wine
       1 ea Chopped Onion                       1 ts Tomato Paste
       1 ea Chopped Carrot                      1 cn 10 oz Chicken Bouillon
   Make stuffing by combining bread, currants, apples, thyme, salt, pepper
   and melted butter. Stuff, truss and tie goose.
   Prick bird all over with fork. Heat oil in roasting pan on top of stove,
   brown goose lightly on all sides, then drain off pan drippings. Set goose
   breast side up, add a little water, cover and roast at 375 degrees for one
   Combine chopped onion, carrot, celery, the garlic, bay leaf, cloves, thyme
   and marjoram. Discard fat from roasting pan, add vegetable mixture and
   continue roasting uncovered 20 - 25 minutes per pound (three to four hours
   in all) draining off fat at intervals and adding more water as required.
   Transfer cooked goose to platter and keep warm. Skim off remaining fat in
   pan and heat dripping and vegetables on top of stove until mixture is
   reduced. Then stir in white wine, tomato paste and chicken bouillon.
   Simmer for 10 - 15 minutes, then strain gravy. A little cornstarch mixed
   with water may be blended in to thicken gravy, if desired.
   Serve goose with gravy, applesauce, mashed potatoes and braised cabbage.
   Six to eight servings.
   From The Gazette 90/12/19.