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                      PORRO'S ONE POT OLYMPIC POULTRY
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 Serving Size  : 6    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Poultry                          Vegetables
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
                         Chicken or Turkey parts to
                         -match servings desired.
    1       qt           Chicken Broth or Chicken
    1       t            Cilantro
    1       t            Ground Correander Seed (only
                         -if you don't use Cilantro!)
    1       tb           Oregano
      1/4   sm           Onion chopped
    1                    Clove garlic minced
      1/4   c            Cooking wine (bitter orange
                         -or other fruit is best)
    1       t            Ground White pepper
    1       tb           Crushed Red pepper (subst.
    1       t            Sweet Basil (optional, I
                         -like it)
      1/4                Lemon with rind on
    1       c            Rice uncooked (I don't use
                         -pre-cooked type, but either
   Choose your large cast iron pot (my usual) or in my case now with no
   stove, a West Bend electric fry pan.
   Set to simmer and add chicken soup. (I use egg drop by the way, but
   that’s another step) While broth is warming, wash chicken as you
   usually do. Add all seasonings except the peppers. Squeeze the lemon
   for it’s juice and toss it in without the seeds. When you can see
   that the broth is just starting to boil every time the light goes
   out, you know it’s just right, below boiling temp. You don't want
   this to boil unless you are in a hurry, want to do lots of pot
   watching or you like tough chicken. No need to add salt or sugar
   since there is usually more than enough already in the soup. The
   chicken should not be covered in liquid, this is not intended to be
   soup when you get done.
   When you have the temp. fine tuned to true simmer, place the poultry
   parts in the broth, meaty side up as possible. Sprinkle on the white
   and red pepper, cover the pot and ignore it for as long as you wish
   the longer the better, I usually shoot for at least 4 hours. Before
   serving at least 20 min. before you want to eat, flip the meat and
   add the rice. Check to make sure there is enough water, bring up to
   original level if necessary. This should turn out fairly thick, and
   not soup because the rice absorbs most or all of the liquid. Stir it
   in well and cover again. When the rice is done it’s finished. Spoon
   out rice onto plates and place poultry on the side of it. I like to
   serve this with a large tossed salad, using Olive Oil, 1 T lemon
   juice, 2T Oregano, and 1 clove garlic, or garlic powder. (See Porro’s
   Italian Salad for details)
   I use Cajun seasoning, but wanted this to have a more general appeal,
   if you like it hotter, go for it. Sort of a Cajun/Italian recipe.
   Some other notes and options. 2 t of parsley won't hurt. Also
   optional: (it’s not cast in stone, add what you like) fresh sliced
   mushrooms. I confess, I never measure any of the above, it’s all done
   by taste, do the same please! Anytime you use fresh spices it will
   taste better.
   Why I make and eat this. 1) For sporting events, one never knows for
   certain when it will be time to eat. Also if you have company that
   shows up late on a regular basis, this type of cooking and be on hold
   for extended periods of time, without harm. 2) No stove. 3) The slow
   cooking will make even a laying hen edible. 4) For a whomped up one
   pot, one plate dinner it actually has some taste to it.  5) Sometimes
   I want something that is easy and doesn't need tending, this is it.
   Probably best for family cooking rather than guests. 6) When I was
   cooking for three teens I never knew if any two would every be at
   home for dinner at the same time. It keeps well for hours after
   adding the rice.
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