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       Title: Low-Calorie Turkey-Spinach Lasagna
  Categories: Poultry, Main dish, Diabetic, Cheese, Low-fat/cal
       Yield: 8 servings
 	  30 oz Frozen chopped spinach (3box	    2 c  Or 15 oz jar spaghetti
 	  16 oz Lowfat ricotta cheese		    8 oz Lowfat mozzarella
     cheese, sl
       2 c  Chopped cooked turkey             1/4 c  Grated Parmesan cheese
   Thaw the spinach and squeeze out any liquid.  Put about 1/3 of the
   spinach in the bottom of a lightly oiled casserole.  Spread half of
   the ricotta over the spinach.  Sprinkle on half of the turkey.  spoon
   on half of the spaghetti sauce.  Top with half of the mozzarella
   Repeat the layering process - 1/3 spinach, rest of ricotta, turkey,
   spaghetti sauce, mozzarella.  Finish with the final third of spinach.
   Sprinkle on the parmesan cheese.  Bake in 350 F oven for 45 to 50
   minutes or until browned.
   1/8 recipe - 260 calories, 3 lean meat, 2 vegetable, 1 fat exchange 9
   grams carbohydrate, 23 grams protein, 15 grams fat, 590 mg sodium,
   502 mg potassium, 62 mg cholesterol.
   Source:  Am. Diabetes Assoc. Holiday Cookbook by Betty Wedman 1986
   Shared but not tested by Elizabeth Rodier, Nov 93