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       Title: Cabrillas w/Celery Essense, Pickled Ginger & Carrot Ribbo
  Categories: Seafood
       Yield: 12 servings
       1    Ginger stem root; peeled,
            -thinly sliced in ribbons
       2 lg Carrots; peeled, thinly
            -sliced in ribbons
       8 oz Rice wine vinegar
      12    Cabrilla medaliions, 3 oz ea
       1    Celery stem
       1    Carrot piece
       1 md Onion
            Shrimp utilized from entree
       2    Bay leaf pieces
       1 t  White peppercorns
       1 t  Salt
       1    Lemon piece, cut in half
       3 c  White wine
       6    Fresh thyme sprigs
      12 oz Water
       1    Lemon grass stem
       2    Whole celery bulbs, cleaned,
            -cut into sixths
      12    Heart of celery stems with
   First prepare the peeled and thinly sliced wide ribbons of ginger and
   carrot by steeping them in hot rice wine vinegar. Allow them to set at
   room temperature for one hour until service.
   Prepare court bouillon with large dice of celery, onion, carrot,
   lemon, shrimp shells and spices. Add three cups of water and white
   wine. Simmer with cover for 30 minutes and strain liquid into 12
   sauce pot; ready for poaching cabrilla. Reserve.
   While court bouillon is simmering prepare celery essense by placing
   the thyme sprigs, white wine, water, lemon grass and celery bulb
   wedges in a 6 heavy gauge sauce pot with lid and slowly braise for
   45 minutes. The celery bulb will be tender and a celery essense
   liquid will be prepared for the sauce. Adjust taste with salt and
   white pepper.
   Cabrilla medallions are then poached lightly for 5 minutes in the
   court bouillon. Next, blanch the hearts of celery very lightly to
   bring out the flavor and color. Reserve court bouillon.
   Place the braised celery bulb in the center of plate. Shingle the
   poached cabrilla medallion atop towards the base of the plate.
   Garnish with heart of celery and place strained carrot and ginger
   ribbons above the celery bulb. Serve immediately.
   Number of servings: 12. Preparation time: 1 hour.