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  1. (15) Broiled Scampi Romano (Monday) to Coconut Shrimp Surprise
  2. Coconut Shrimp with Calypso Punch Relish Dnsr3 to Grilled Shrimp With Bacon
  3. Grilled Shrimp with Bacon to Okoy Shrimp-Tofu Fritters
  4. Oriental Shrimp to Shrimp Au Courvoisier
  5. Shrimp Baked With Feta Ouzo & Cognac to Shrimp, Orange Scented With Vermouth And Fennel
  6. Shrimp Orleans to Shrimp With Jalapeno Cheese
  7. Shrimp with Lemon Rice to Szechaun Shrimp
  8. Szechuan Shrimp to Zucchini-shrimp Coquilles