Monte Cristo Sandwich    No. 628                       Yields 1 Sandwich
      3 Slices    White Bread                1           Egg
      2 Slices    Gruyere Cheese                         Milk
      1 Slice     Cooked Ham                             Mustard
      1 Slice     Chicken, White Meat
 Preheat the deep fat fryer.
 Beat the egg until it lightens.
 Add a dash of milk.
 Form the sandwich (either as a “triple-decker” or as normal) as follows:
 Place one slice of cheese on each slice of bread.
 Add the ham slice.
 Spread mustard on the ham.
 Add the chicken slice. (if a "triple-decker, the ham and one slice of cheese
 on one level and the chicken and the other slice of cheese on the other).
 Quarter the sandwich.
 Use picks to hold the sandwich together for the remainder of this process.
 Dip into the egg-milk batter.
 Coat thoroughly but quickly.
 Coat all sides.
 Drop into the hot oil (or strainer basket and put the basket into the oil).
 Cook until golden.
 Remove and drain.
 Wrap the sandwich in a cloth towel.
 Serve while hot.
 Goes well with a fruit compote side dish.