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 Mile High Shredded Beef
 Recipe By:      Taste of Home Country Cooking Recipe Collection
 Serving Size:   8
 Preparation Time:       0:00
 Categories:     Main Dishes     Sandwiches      Beef    Crockpot        
 Amount  Measure Ingredient      Preparation Method
 3       pounds  chuck roast     or round steak
                 vegetable oil   
 1       cup     chopped onion   
 1/2     cup     chopped celery  
 2       cups    beef broth      OR bouillion
 1 1/2   cups    beef broth      reserved from roast
 1       clove   garlic  minced
 1       teaspoon        salt    
 3/4     teaspoon        salt    
 4       tablespoons     brown sugar     
 2       tablespoons     vinegar 
 1       teaspoon        dry mustard     
 1/2     teaspoon        chili powder    
 3       drops   tabasco sauce   
 1               bay leaf        
 1/4     teaspoon        paprika 
 1/4     teaspoon        garlic powder   
 1       teaspoon        worcestershire sauce    
                 potato rolls or buns    
 Brown beef in hot oil on both sides, adding onion and celery at the 
 last minute.  Combine beef, vegetables and broth in a Dutch oven or 
 crockpot.  Simmer, covered, for 3-4 hours or until tender.  Cool;  
 shred beef, separating into strands.  Drain vegetables.  Combine with 
 beef.  Reserve broth; skim off any fat.  
 To make sauce:  Mix broth, beef, vegetables, garlic, salt, catsup, 
 brown sugar, vinegar, mustard, chili powder, tabasco, bay leaf, 
 paprika, garlic powder, and worcestershire sauce.  Simmer until heated 
 thoroughly.  Remove bay leaf.   
 Note:  This mixture keeps well in a slow cooker on low heat.  
 Serve on rolls or buns.