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                             CARDBOARD BOX OVEN
 Recipe By     : From “The Geezer Cookbook”, by Dwayne Pritchett.
 Serving Size  : 1    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Camping Tips                     Cooking Tips
                 Geezer’s Cookbook
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 Find a corrugated cardboard box about 2 in larger around than a cookie 
 sheet.  Make sure it has an intact bottom and top “ears”.  Cut the bottom 
 out all the way around and secure together with duct tape.
 Line the box inside and out with heavy duty aluminum foil and secure seams 
 with duct tape.  Cut foil at the corners to free “ears”.  This is for 
 venting.  Line the lid with foil and secure seams with duct tape.  
 Get four wire coat hangers and snip the hook off below the twist and 
 straighten.  Punch holes in the box about 6 in from the top, then push 
 hanger wires thorough to make a rack.  
 To Use:
 Start a charcoal fire with 6-8 briquettes in an old metal pie pan.  Place 
 a piece of foil on the ground shiny side up.  Put the pie pan on the foil 
 and place the oven over the pie pan.  Put your food to be baked on the 
 rack and cover with the lid.  If you have a meat thermometer, stick it 
 into the box just below the rack.  6-8 briquettes should bring temp to 
 325-350.  Add or take out to adjust temp.  This should be done before 
 starting to bake.
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