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  Categories: Main dish, Seafood, Camping
       Yield: 6 Servings
            -Kevin Ireland XSVG47B
            White fish; enough for
            -4-6 servings
       2 c  Soft bread cubes;about
            -1/2 cubes
       1    Small onion; chopped
       1    Green pepper; blanched
            -and chopped
       8 oz Imitation crabmeat
     1/4 c  Lemon juice
     1/2 c  HELLMANS mayo
            Salt & pepper to taste
    Mix all these ingredients together and roll up in fish fillets,
   securing them with toothpicks. Divide it among four or five
   good-sized pieces. Bake at 400 for 30 minutes. During last 10 minutes
   pour newburg sauce over fish.
    It’s good with flounder, but any white fish will do. I've used large
   cod and catfish fillets and butterflied them. Just enough so you can
   roll it up over the stuffing.
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