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                     ONION RING LOAF (ALA TONY ROMA'S)
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    4                    To 6 white onions
    1       c            Milk
    3                    Eggs -- beaten
    2       c            Pancake mix -- about
   (Note from Larry: I have 2 other .. very similar ..
   recipes. Both have almost identical ingredients. The
   difference lies in the directions and Rose’s comments.
   I felt it was necessary to add the reference to Tony
   Roma’s in the title for this reason. 4/14/95) Slice
   onions crosswise and separate into rings. Combine
   milk, eggs and salt to taste in mixing bowl. Soak
   onion rings in mixture 30 minutes. Place pancake mix
   in shallow bowl. Heat oil for frying in skillet to 375
   degrees. Remove onion rings from milk mixture, dip in
   pancake mix and place in hot oil. Fry rings until
   golden brown. Drain fried onion rings on paper towels.
   Pack fried onion rings solidly, but loosely, without
   pressing, into 8x4-inch loaf pan. Bake at 400 degrees
   10 to 15 minutes. Turn onto serving plate. Garnish
   with parsley. Each serving contains about: 377
   calories; 1,069 mg sodium, 54 mg cholesterol; 9 grams
   fat; 64 grams carbohydrates; 10 grams protein; 1.11
   grams fiber. Presented by: Rose Dosti, L.A. Times
   Culinary SOS column, 1/26/95, H27. “DEAR SOS: Would it
   be possible to get the recipe for the onion loaf
   served at Tony Roma’s restaurants? It’s outstanding.
   ~Betty ”DEAR BETTY: Thank you. We love the rings too.
   The Tony Roma restaurant chain would not share its
   trade secret, but a close facsimile recipe was
   developed by home economist, Donna Deane, director of
   The Times Test Kitchen. Tony Roma’s staff did,
   however, offer a tip: Pack the onions loosely (not
   firmly) in the loaf pan so they do not become soggy."
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