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       Title: White Tassel Hamburgers
  Categories: Polkadot, Menarea, Ground meat, Beef
       Yield: 1 Servings
       1 lb Ground sirloin (not ground
       3 oz Jar of strained beef or
            -veal baby food
     2/3 c  Canned clear beef broth
     1/4 c  Dry minced onion
     1/4 c  Hot water
       1 pk Regular hot dog buns
   Mush together beef, baby food, and broth. Refrigerate, tightly
   covered, for a couple of hours. Roll meat into small balls, flatten
   and fry in pan on stovetop. Mix together onion and water. Place
   approx. 1 tbsp of onion/water mixture in the bottom of the pan. Flip
   burger on top of this mixture. Serve immediately after they are
   finished cooking. For buns, cut a hot dog bun into pieces that are
   the same size as the hamburgers.
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