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                  Helpful Hints for Handling Phyllo Dough
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                         -----HANDLING PHYLLO DOUGH-----
   If possible, buy phyllo that has not been frozen. It can be found in the
   refrigerator section of most Greek and some Middle Eastern delis.
   Let the package come to room temperature before opening it. The sheets are
   easier to work with at room temperature.
   Remove the sheets you are working with and spray or brush them with oil,
   butter or nonstick cooking spray as quickly as possible. Keep the unused
   portions covered with a towel or plastic wrap. Work quickly; do not expose
   reserved sheets to the air or they will dry out and disintegrate.
   Sprinkle bread crumbs between the layers to keep them from sticking
   together when they bake; this is particularly helpful if you plan to
   refrigerate or freeze the recipe before baking.
   Some cooks work on a lightly dampened towel, but I find it makes the dough
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