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   The Bread Machine:
   The bread machine yields excellent results every time
   when you use fresh ingredients and follow directions.
   Set the machine on “dough cycle”, and let it produce a
   dough with the texture of velvet and the stiff
   consistency required.
   When using a bread machine, add ingredients in the
   order recommended in your manufacturer’s instructions.
   The recipes in this series have ingredients listed for
   machines that require adding liquids first and dry
   components last.
   Reverse the order for those that add dry ingredients
   first and wet ones last. Process on the “dough mode,”
   or “program”, or “mix bread cycle” or whatever it is
   termed by your machine’s instructions. Allow the dough
   to rise through the full first rise period after the
   kneading phase, between 35 minutes and 1 hour.
   On shorter cycles, and depending on the weather and
   moisture of the ingredients, you may have to leave it
   in the machine for 10 or 15 minutes longer, or until
   the dough fills about 2/3 of the pan. Whole grain
   flours may require up to 1 to 2 hours for the first
   rise. Do not allow the dough to bake in the machine.
   Dry ingredients such as spices, cinnamon, nutmeg and
   finely chopped nuts are added with the fours at the
   beginning. Wet ingredients such as mashed bananas,
   applesauce, pumpkin, grated carrots and frozen berries
   are added with the liquids, but if you add more wet
   ingredients to the recipes in this series, their
   liquid content must replace an equal amount of liquid.
   Adding raisins and other dried fruits at the beginning
   is not recommended; most bread machines pulverize them
   so they're hardly visible in the finished bagel.
   Check dough about 5 minutes after you have started the
   machine. The dough should form a nice round ball. If a
   ball doesn't form, and the mixture appears crumbly,
   add water, a tablespoon or less at a time, until the
   correct consistency is achieved. If dough looks too
   wet or formless, add flour, a tablespoon or less at a
   time, until the dough forms a ball.
   Add ingredients such as raisins, dates, chocolate
   chips and apple pieces about 5 to 8 minutes before the
   end of the kneading phase. Some machine beep to
   indicate the optimum time to add nuts or raisins.
   Check your manufacturers instructions for the time
   required for each process in the dough cycle. If your
   machine does not provide this timed signal, determine
   the length of the kneading phase and set a timer for 5
   minutes before the end; then open the machine and
   carefully add the ingredients, being sure that they do
   not spill onto the heating elements. Ingredients can
   also be kneaded into the dough by hand after it is
   removed from the machine.
   NOTE: When adding reconstituted dried foods to the
   dough in a bread machine (5 to 10 minutes before the
   end of the kneading phase), foods should be blotted
   very dry with a paper towel so that any retained
   moisture does not change the texture of the dough and
   inhibit it from rising properly.
   A 60 minute rise period is ideal. It’s ok to open the
   machine and quickly test the dough during the rise
   period. Gently push your finger into the dough, and if
   the dent remains, dough is ready. If the impression
   bounces back, let dough rise a few minutes longer and
   retest. Dough can become slack if allowed to rise too
   long. White flour rises highest. White flour combined
   with whole wheat, rye and oats will not rise as high.
   Generally, the darker the dough, the lower the rise
   and the longer it takes.
   When ready, remove dough form the pan and proceed to
   step 2: Shape Bagels.
   The Best Bagels are made at home by Dona Z. Meilach
   ISBN 1-55867-131-5
   Carolyn Shaw April 1996 From: Homenet Cook
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