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       Title: Converting Bread Recipes for Breadmaker
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       Yield: 1 hints
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   1. Calculate the number of “loaves” in a non-ABM recipe by allowing 3
   cups of flour per “loaf” (or 2 cups flour for a 1-lb machine).
   Rounding off is fine; if a recipe calls for 5 cups flour, I figure
   that’s close enough to 2 loaves for government work.  Remember to add
   in ALL the flours, if there’s bread flour plus WW flour plus rye
   flour plus ... you get the idea. Most handmade bread recipes seem to
   make 2 loaves.
   2. Have MM resize it to 1 loaf.
   3. Manually change the yeast and sugar amounts to whatever suits your
   machine.  In my R2D2, 1/2 tb yeast and 1/2 tb sugar are optimum.  (If
   you don't know what works best in your machine, don't try altering
   recipes yet! Try a number of different ABM recipes and start looking
   for a pattern. What amounts give the best results?)  If the amount
   the resized recipe calls for is dramatically different from what you
   know works in your machine, don't worry.  Stick with what works in
   your machine. (This does not apply to sweet breads; since my R2D2
   doesn't produce usable sweet breads, I've not tried to convert sweet
   bread recipes and have no guidelines to suggest.)
   4. Add the dry ingredients and oil/butter/eggs to the machine.
   Measure out the liquid and pour in HALF of the measured amount.  (If
   your machine calls for putting in the liquid first, and you're
   terrified to use a different ingredient order, put only HALF the
   measured amount of liquid in.) Start the machine and let knead a few
   minutes. Add remaining liquid, a little at a time, until the dough is
   the right consistency. (Again, if you haven't used your ABM enough to
   recognize the right consistency when you see/feel it, don't start
   adapting recipes yet.) You may need to add more liquid, or you may
   have liquid left over. Make a note of how much liquid you actually
   5. When the bread is done, evaluate.  Didn't rise enough?  Add
   another 1/8 cup liquid next time.  Overflowed?  Reduce the liquid by
   1/8 cup. I don't remember the last time I had to adjust anything
   except the liquid.
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