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                  General Instructions for Homemade Cheese
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 Buy whole, pasteurized milk from a creamery for the best possible cheese.
 1.  Heat the milk in a stainless steel saucepan and, stirring often, warm
 it to the required temperature (each recipe varies slightly.)
 2. Still stirring, add the rennet (or citric acid), as for ricotta.  Cover;
 let curds form without stirring, keeping the temperature steady.
 3. Using a rubber spatula, break up the curd.  This will allow the whey to
 separate from the curd.  A resting period usually follows this step.
 4.  Place a sturdy cheesecloth over a bowl.  Using a slotted spoon,
 transfer the curd to a cheesecloth.
 5.  Grab the cheesecloth and pull it tight, allowing the whey to drain off
 into the bowl underneath.
 6.  Transfer the curd to perforated baskets over a plate with a slotted
 spoon.  The baskets should be perforated in order to faciliatate the
 draining of the whey.
 7.  Refrigerate the curd; it will set into cheese.  Allow it to set for the
 number of hours specified in the recipe.
 8.  Turn the cheese out of the basket and press the basket on top of the
 cheese to create an imprint, or weigh it down with a small can or weight if
 9.  Some cheese is rubbed with salt or immersed in brine before being
 eaten.  Refrigerate the cheese and serve within 3 to 5 days, depending on
 the recipe.
 La Cucina Italiana, April 1999
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