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                              Crockpot Tips 2
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   Vegetables intended for the crockpot should be cut into bite-size pieces 
  not only for convenience in eating, but for better cooking, too.  
 Surprisingly, vegetables can take longer to cook than meat in Crockpots.  
 The vegetables will be more tender if you cut the veggies into pieces 
 around 1/2 inch. USING THE CROCKPOT AS AN OVEN: When  the oven is full and 
 all burners on the range are in use, (as in cooking a holiday dinner), 
 pull  out your crockpot. You can cook such things as bread, puddings, 
 baked  beans and custard in the crockpot. USING THE CROCKPOT AS A STEAMER: 
 You  can prepare steamed bread or pudding in a shaped molds or jars in the 
  crockpot, too. Do NOT use shortening cans, coffee cans or vegetable cans  
 for cooking in the crockpot.  Most cans contain lead and are painted with  
 or sealed with materials that give off toxic gases when heated. If you use 
  jars, use only CANNING jars.  They are tempered and will withstand the  
 heat. Choose straight-sided canning jars with WIDE mouths because  
 otherwise it’s more difficult to get the food out of the jars. To assure 
 that the bake cake or bread will slip out  easily, grease the inside of 
 the jar and lie the bottom of the jar with  waxed paper. Cover each jar 
 with a piece of foil greased on one side.  Place the greased side DOWN and 
 press the foil around the edges of the jar  to seal tightly. BEVERAGES: 
 When it’s cold and damp outside, you can  simmer hot beverages which will 
 stay at perfect sipping temp. And the  aroma of spiced tea or punch will 
 appeal to your family and/or guests.  They can serve themselves from the 
 crockpot. PARTY TIME: Dips and other  appetizers such as meatballs will 
 stay at the right temp. and consistency for several hours in the crockpot. 
  You can buy crockpots up to a 6-quart size which are ideal for Adapted  
 from BH&G New Crockery Cooker Cook Book
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