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                             GOURMET GLOSSARY 4
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   ~Sucanat a brand name sweetener made from organic
   sugar can juice that has been dehydrated into a
   powder, retaining all its vitamins and minerals.
   ~summer savory an annual herb with narrow green leaves
   and an intense aroma.
   ~tahini a smooth, nutty-flavored paste made from raw,
   ground sesame seeds.
   ~tamales cornmeal dough that is stuffed with
   Southwestern fillings, such as seasoned black beans,
   wrapped in corn husks and steamed.
   ~tamari a dark fermented soy sauce made without wheat.
   It is the by-product of making miso.
   ~tamarind paste a dark paste made from the fruit of
   the tamarind tree. Tastes similar to a combination of
   dates and lemons with a bit of saltiness. Often used
   in Indian cuisine and available in international
   sections of most supermarkets.
   ~tarragon a green, licorice-flavored herb with a
   sweet, yet pungent aroma. It is excellent for
   flavoring vinegars and is frequently used in French
   ~tofu a smooth, pressed, white soybean curd. It is
   usually packaged in cakes and has a mild flavor and
   soft consistency.
   ~turbinado sugar (Sugar in the Raw) coarse,
   light-brown granulated sugar made from can juice which
   has been steamed and refined to remove impurities.
   ~turmeric a bright, golden-colored powdered spice used
   in many Indian and Middle Eastern dishes.
   ~vegetarian mincemeat a sweet mixture of chopped
   apples, oranges, cinnamon and nuts usually baked in a
   pie crust. It is made without the traditional addition
   of suet.
   ~vermouth aromatic wine flavored with various herbs
   and spices to achieve either a dry or sweet taste.
   ~walnut oil topaz-colored oil with a rich, nutty
   flavor used in salad dressings and baked goods.
   ~watercress a delicate, mildly flavored salad green
   with long stems and small round or oval-shaped leaves.
                          VEGETARIAN GOURMET
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