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       Title: Vegetable: Summer Squash  Garden To Table
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       Yield: 1 Servings
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   WHEN AND HOW TO HARVEST Time from planting to harvest depends on the
   variety, as does the yield you can expect. Harvest summer squashes
   when they're young--they taste delicious when they're small, and if
   you leave them on the plant too long they will suppress flowering and
   reduce your crop.  Harvest summer squashes like the zucchini and
   crookneck varieties when they're six to eight inches long; harvest
   the round types when they're four to eight inches in diameter. Break
   the squashes from the plant, or use a knife that you clean after
   cutting each one; if the knife is not perfectly clean, it can spread
   disease to other plants.
   STORING AND PRESERVING Summer squashes can be stored in the
   refrigerator for up to one week; don't wash them until you're ready
   to use them. They can also be frozen, canned, pickled, or dried.
   SERVINGS SUGGESTIONS Summer squashes lend themselves to a good
   variety of culinary treatments. Saute slices of summer squash with
   onions and tomatoes for a robust but delicately flavored side dish.
   Add sliced zucchini and mushrooms to a thick tomato sauce for
   spaghetti. Halve summer squashes and stuff with a meat or rice
   mixture, or bake them with butter and parmesan cheese. Pan-fry slices
   of summer squash, or simmer them with fruit juice for a new flavor.
   Use the popular zucchini raw on a relish tray and among vegetables
   for a tempura, or slice it thinly in salads. Use the larger fruit for
   making zucchini bread.
   Source: Vegetable Gardening Encyclopeida by Galahad Books, NYC, NY
   1982 Typos by Dorothy Flatman, 1995